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How I Practice Self-Care

My grandmother taught me so many amazing and different life lessons that I will hold in my heart forever. But, one thing she always made sure I knew was to take care of myself. Whether that be, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Whenever I stayed over at their house she always made sure we had amazing food, clean sheets, and she would remind me to wash my face before bed time. Like I said, she was an angelic human and these are just a few small things that I recall and I reminisce about all the time. I will always cherish them and I try to practice them as often as I can! With that being said, self-care is beyond important for your mental health and tranquility; even if you are someone who does not specifically struggle with mental health. Positive affirmation is something that I believe everyone should be more committed to implementing into day-to day life. Self care doesn't have to be as time consuming as everyone makes it out to be. It can just be decompressing and winding down for the night after a long day. Our society is slowly moving towards making relaxation taboo, the world has become a constant stress of if you aren't following along then you are missing out. It seems like in this day in age we are always on the go and we never have time or mental presence to just stop and enjoy the moment.

  • Bubbles! No, i'm not talking about the alcohol kind of bubbles....okay....maybe a little bit! I love me a nice bath, glass of red wine, and my favorite tv show to watch! I usually take about an hour or so weekly to do this. It is a good way to slow your heart rate down and decompress that doesn't take a lot of effort!

  • Something you enjoy for an hour! Personally, I enjoy writing, or taking pictures! I love making time out of my week to do an activity or hobby that makes me feel fulfilled. You may have different activities that you enjoy like reading, walking, crossword puzzles, video games, whatever it may be! Try to take time out of your week to stay true to what makes you happy. It does the heart some good to be creative and apply your passion!

  • Masks! No, i'm not talking about Covid masks, I know now since the pandemic we all have PTSD when it comes to this word! Im talking about face, hair and eye masks galore! I have extremely sensitive skin and break out very easily. It is hard for me to find products that are kind to my skin! One size does not fit all for eye and skin masks so try different ones to see which one's you enjoy! This serves the dual purpose of relaxing while taking care of your beautiful skin, giving you one less thing to stress about.

  • Blast your favorite tune! I love blasting my favorite song and dancing like an idiot around the house! Music fills the soul and puts your heart and mind in a positive mood! This is part of self care because smiling calms down the soul and smiling is vital of taking care of yourself!

  • Get that lotion on! Like my grandma always use to say, we only have one skin and we have to cherish it for the rest of our lives! I put lotion on my elbows, hands, and knees every night. Take care of that gorgeous skin, your body will thank you!

These tips are not going to solve problems or make them all go away. The point I'm trying to make is, we can't have inner peace without taking care of ourselves first. Days get hard and long but never forget to keep the things in focus that are the most important, the first one of those being you. Like everything else in life, tough times will pass, staying true to your regiment can ensure that when you come out the other side of the tunnel you are physically and mentally in the position to succeed. I am a true believer that in order to have healthy and peaceful relationships, inner happiness and inner confidence has to come first. You know that saying, you have to put on your oxygen mask before helping others? That is how I see taking care of yourself and your mental well being! Even one of these tips once a week can be motivating for yourself and keep you on the right track!

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