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Fueling vs Punishing

Being recently diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome ) and Celiac Disease has forced me to focus more on what ingredients I am putting into my body. I always liked to eat as healthy as I can, with allowing myself to eat what I want in moderation! However, my body has changed a lot over the past few years due to these two new diagnoses. I was hesitant to share this, because it is personal, however I know that so many people have digestive and stomach related issues and share the same struggles as I do. This is apart of my new normal that I am slowly learning to deal with and I want to share as much knowledge as I can to help others!

Along with IBS, and Celiac Disease, I have been wanting to see how food effects the inflammation in my body and how it effects my chronic pain everyday. What we put into our bodies impacts our mental health, skin, weight, digestion, mood....and basically everything!!

It is so important to fuel your body with good nutritious foods, while learning about our gut health.

Everyday, I have been keeping a food log and tracking everything that goes into my body and the symptoms I have after the fact along with any bowel movements. By doing this, I have been able to pin point the foods, supplements, and certain ingredients that negatively impact my gut health, stomach pains, and bloating.


I am excited to share a recipe I have been trying that have helped my weight, skin, pain levels, and more!


This is a brand new recipe that I have tried, and am already obsessed! It's super simple, and works with salads, chicken, casseroles, ect!

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees and start by peeling your butternut squash ( use any peeler. ) If you're looking to have left overs, I suggest peeling two butternut squash.

2. Cut squash in half, and scoop out seeds.

3. The next step, is cutting the squash into cubes.

4. Depending on what flavors you enjoy, this next step is fun because you can honestly do whatever you want! In this recipe: 3 TBS of olive oil, pepper, turmeric ( for inflammation control ) a little dash of salt.

However, you can put any spices of your liking: cinnamon, coriander, red pepper, garlic, the list goes on and on! The only vital ingredient in this step is the 2-3 TBS of olive oil.

5. Lay squash cubes onto cookie sheet and cook for 35-40 min or until tender. THAT'S IT! Again, this recipe is simple, fast, and is perfect for meal prepping! They are the best snack, and I eat them right off the tray!! (I usually double the recipe because you can use the squash in other recipes and it is great for meal prepping!)

6. In this particular meal I sautéed chicken in organic, low carb, and gluten free teriyaki sauce, and mixed in the squash. Everyone will love this meal, and it is organic, healthy, and is filled with anti-inflammatory ingredients!

OMG....This is probably one of my new favorite meals! So easy, and so beyond delicious!!

Again, everyone has different tolerances, and sensitivities and not everyones gut is the same. So take it from me, if you are having issues with bloating, not being able to lose weight, acne, mood changes, and irritations, take your time and keep a food log and start tracking your day! Keep moving, drink water, and you will be able to pin point the ingredients that your body should stay away from! You can do it! Start fueling your body instead of punishing it!

I would love to start sharing more recipes and share more info about gut health! Let me know your thoughts! I will also be blogging once a week now with live blog posts every Monday! Stay tuned and follow along the journey of Authentically Mad!

Xoxo, Madison Paige

Instagram - @Madison_Bartlett

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