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Start Slow and Continue to Grow

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

On this weeks blog post I wanted to talk about....impactful morning intentions! One small act can change the world! Okay, that was cheesy...but I mean it! I strongly believe that even a single positive action in the morning can set you up for a goal crushing day that can uplift your spirits!

If you begin your day with a negative thought, chances are your entire day will be lousy. What you put out into the universe always has a way of coming back around.

Your brain is a powerful force...what you think and what you say influences how your attitude will be all day. It has taken me a very, very long time to not only learn this but to also implement this in my life.

Changing your mind set and creating new habits is extremely tough, anxiety producing and can be defeating. I say this, because I have been in this position multiple times. When I say multiple times, that's because I usually go through spurts of having a lot of energy, staying motivated and waking up in the morning, ready to tackle the day. As depression and anxiety does, it starts rearing it's ugly head and creeps into your life uninvited. In 2014, I spent six months in bed. Yes, I was recovering from surgery however, it was my depression and insomnia that took over my life. I barley showered, and never came out of my bedroom. I had zero structure, no motivation, and did not see the point to wake up in the morning or carry on with my day if this was how my life was going to be. With great help from my family and therapist I came up with a manageable and sustainable routine that gave me accountability and helped me remember that life was worth living and I have a lot to offer the world. This was not easy and I did not see the point to it, however keeping up with small tasks everyday, the spark in me slowly began to come back. With that being said, when these stages come crashing in, it's not easy for me personally to wake up with a smile on my face and handle business. There are even days when I can't get the energy to even get out of bed to brush my teeth. There is one vital piece of information that I always have to remember and I continue to practice everyday...having consistency and staying on a schedule is essential in keeping your mental health moving in the right direction and having a well balanced day.

I put together a few tasks that I have implemented over the years to help myself stay on a schedule and ways to get my day going by starting off on the right foot!

  • All things positive! Start your day off by a positive thought. It can be out loud, written down, or it can be to yourself. Try not to judge this before you try it! Like I said, your brain is so persuasive and we have to trick our mind sometimes! Some phrases I like are... "you are stronger than your negative thoughts,""you have handled harder situations,""you can do this,"and "I am strong, and today will be a good day." Before I loose you, let me explain. I manage chronic pain everyday, and whether you are dealing with physical, or mental pain, or both, it is extremely difficult to think clearly during a flare up. Therefore, during my bad days I have to remind myself of "mind over matter" and remind myself that I am able to handle whatever God puts in my path. It's simply about thinking positively even when you feel anything but that. Always remember that you are stronger than anything troublesome that comes into your path! Start fueling your brain with uplifting and powerful thoughts.

  • Make your bed! This is another task that can get your day moving in the right direction. It makes you accountable and allows you to start your day off by completing a chore. Starting your day off with a small chore gives you a sense of accomplishment and gives you good boost to tackle the day!

  • Take a sip! Hot water with lemon is one of the best things for your digestive system. It not only is a natural detox, but is also boost's your immunity. I usually sip on this as I am getting ready for the day. Do I do this everyday? No, however I find this calming and beneficial therefore I try to do it at least once a day! I also love a good cup of coffee, who doesn't? Something warm and delicious to drink is a nice relaxing way to wake up!

  • Get your mind moving! I love doing something positive bright and early! Personally, I enjoy going over my planner for the week, and watching my favorite news channel. Other tasks you can try are, writing in a journal, reading, and look at your to-do list for the day. Getting your mind moving early helps maintain a good mindset for the day.

  • Fuel! Fuel your body for the day. Take your vitamins, medicine, and any supplements you take, along with a good breakfast! Some of my fav go-to meals are, rice cakes with apple butter, oatmeal, strawberries, anything you enjoy that's healthy and has some protein. I know it can be hard, but try to get something healthy in your system before your busy day!

  • Pick up! I enjoy picking up for about five minutes. I don't go crazy in the morning because I love to relax for 20 minutes before running out the door! I usually try to empty the dishwasher, wipe the counters, put the dirty clothes in the hamper....bottom line just clean a little bit in the AM so you don't have to come home to a mess!

I am the queen of trying to execute too many positive actions at once, then getting overwhelmed quickly and I usually end up giving up. How many of you have had this happen to you before?

If this is something that you can relate to, try doing one thing at a time. I would suggest enforcing one action a week and slowly start doing more and more. Soon enough you will be that boss babe handling anything that life throws at you! I want to also make it known that there are days where you can lay on the couch, stay in your pjs and relax. Sometimes we need that in our life to recharge our batteries. The important thing is, we get back on track the following day and keep going.

Remember, you can't walk through life without putting one foot in front of the other, so start slow and continue to grow! Nothing in life comes overnight, be patient and believe in yourself.

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