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My Crazy Moment of Peace

I wanted to come on and explain a crazy experience I recently had. This has never happened to me before and I have only read and heard about this occurrence happening, and I have never personally been able to fully grasp this experience.  

Let me start by explaining what "flow" is and how if effects people. Flow is a "natural high" that occurs when people are at peace, are calm, and at ease, and enjoying a moment fully. For example, a lot of women experience flow, after they give birth, or when an athlete achieves a major goal. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. 

To be completely honest I had my moments on vacation where my anxiety set in, and I felt like the walls were closing in on me. I tried very hard, everyday, to remind myself that "everything was okay" and to just "enjoy." But, when one's mind starts to race, its very difficult to calm back down. I was truly grateful that I was able to have the trip of a lifetime, so when anxiety came knocking I knew I had to do my best with the skills I know to keep my chin up. 

There we were, on the beach, sipping on pinà colada's, listening to "beachin'" by Jake Owen, and I was with my best friends. In the past I have always found it very difficult to fully relax, and calm my mind...however, on this day in Aruba that changed. This moment probably lasted all of five minutes, but that was five minutes I will never forget. The calm feeling that came over me as I was laying on the beach chair, and the peace that flowed through my body is something that I want to be able to feel all the time. I haven't felt that relaxed, level-headed, and with a clear mind in a very, very long time. The moment came and passed like a speeding car. I sat up and immediately told my best friend about what had just happened, and I haven't stopped thinking about that moment since. 

I first heard about "flow" from my new doctor. Ever since then I have always thought about it but was never able to achieve it. It is something that takes time to understand, and even more time to experience. If you get anything out of this blog post, let it be this...if you love and enjoy something, do more of that each and every day. Life is too darn short to not be happy, and to not enjoy life. Yes, I need to listen to my own advice too, but in time I am confident that everyone can adapt a new and healthier way to live. Love to take bike rides? try to take two a day. Enjoy rolling on the floor with your dog? Do it as often as possible. Can't get enough of drives to the beach with your bffs? take time everyday to enjoy life a little bit more, and smile a lot more. 

Life is going to keep throwing curve balls, and hurricane force winds at you, but the best thing you can do is never stop riding the wave of life. Every experience you go through is making you the person you are, or who you are going to become. Keep your head up, and keep pushing through. I encourage everyone to keep trying to find ways to experience "flow." It will change your life. 

Remember to smile today,

XOXO, Mads

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